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Cube Nine is a worldwide music platform, conceived as a junction between contemporary music education and Music Industry aiming to help DJs and Artist to face Music Industry work-world.

 Our primary goal is to offer to anyone the best digital and physical location with know-how and technologies. In this way we will provide, on the one hand, a learning platform for amateurs to grow to a  professional level and, on the other hand, a network of established Music Industry professionals.

Our purpose is lead by a strong and genuine passion for music. Inside Cubenine Platform, talented dj/producer will have the chance to get knowledge and contacts with our established and international network of professionals without necessarily being “wealthy” or “in the right location”. This is the reason why we provide scholarships with free courses and other forms of incentives.

Music Industry is quickly evolving, especially  the last 10 years.  Chances of getting a full time paid job, even with an excellent graduation mark, are very rare. CubeNine wants to operate providing an established network that allows new artists generation to start working in music helping them to manage every stage of their career independently.

This will be possibile with a selective process where talent and hard work are key elements. Check this out Now!

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