In todays over saturated House Music business, PR, likes and gimmicks can only get you so far. Eventually real talent has to stand out. 

As a dancer, DJ, musician and producer with 30 years in the game it’s easy to understand why Tommy Bones embodies every aspect of House…

Growing up in the suburbs of Connecticut one hour away from Manhattan Tommy was a musical child. As early as age 5 he was already playing a full drum kit and picking out his own vinyl. Tommy was into all types of music from Rock to the early synth pop years of MTV, but it was New York Radio during the golden era of hip hop that made him take over his parent’s basement to begin to practice DJing and dancing. In the late 80’s at the age of 14 it was by chance when a DJ was fired he landed his first gig at a roller skating rink. Shortly after at age 16, 5ft tall, skinny and mal-nutritioned from a fast food diet hence the nickname “Bones” he would drive his mother’s Cadillac into the decayed city of Bridgeport to buy vinyl. “I would be this young skinny kid that would hang out with street dancers and gang members. No one would mess with me because I could dance and knew my music.” Same thing in the 90’s in the mostly Black, Hispanic and gay House scene Tommy’s dancing, style, personality, knowledge and passion for music made him stand out more than background or color. Tommy would fill up the Cadillac with friends to either go buy vinyl or hit up New York clubs Sound Factory Bar, Tunnel, Limelight and Palladium. Around this time at the age of 19 he landed his first professional gig playing House music in the city of New Haven. From 1994 till 2000 on the wooden dance floors of New York City Tommy from open to close every week absorbed DJ sets from all of the legends. DJ’s from Louie Vega, David Morales, Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit, Francois K, Kerri Chandler and many more helped shape what was to come in the 2000’s decade.

In 2000 Tommy took everything he learned and Invested in his own studio. Soon after he was landing releases on labels King Street, Wave Music, Real Tone, Lion 1 and others. Licensing deals started to happen with labels Defected, NRK and Southport Weekender. 2010 forward productions on labels Lion1Music, Inhouse and Wonderwax were all charting. It wasn’t long before his music started to catch the attention of Defected / Strictly Rhythm. With the re-launch of Strictly Rhythm Tommy released Black Concept which landed him a #1 spot on Traxsource. Tommy’s recent releases can be found on labels Nervous, Deepvisions, Kwench, Moulton Music, Dopewax and Defected. Tommy has been holding down a 10 year residency at New York’s Penthouse in Long Island City Queens. In 2017 Tommy also started Live from 4-4 Studio’s NYC a live show that features up-front cutting edge House Music. The show in now re-branded as 4-4 Sessions a monthly live show broadcast from The Funktion House Brooklyn.

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