As reclusive as she is enigmatic, Mariana Cruz holds a rather long career that started in 2003 when she was only fourteen. Her’s is a rare case in which a girl with a natural gift finds her place in an often misogynistic world, characterized by an almost absolute masculine presence. To conquer her position, her only weapons where her singular talent and her sensitivity in music, alongside strong technical prowess – which made her use the most advanced technology with the most iconic tools. After many years as resident dj in numerous clubs and a regular guest at so many others across the country and a long time experimenting with many musical paths and styles under different pseudonyms, there emerges a synthesis to all the experience: Sheri…Vari…
A new chapter on a long story, which starts with an invigorated focus on what is essential. A centering of attention onto everything that became a landmark in the history of dance music while attempting to predict it’s future ways. SHERI VARI is a dj that manages dance floors with a holistic approach: past, present and future… subtle, ethereal or profoundly physical, she represents the continuum that traces back the afro-latin legacy in the Americas, rooted in Detroit, Chicago or New York, and cross-breads with the electronic undercurrents of Europe from the 70’s and 80’s in Europe (Belgium, Italy, Germany, up to the rave breaks of the UK). It’s the common ground between boogie people ravers, b-boys, jazz heads, house heads, disco hustlers, rappers, gays and all the other cultural niches where dancing is vital, and within which lies the Truth.

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