Jacko grew up listening to Soul, R&B, Gospel and Hip-Hop, he is entirely devoted to quality dance music. His technical style of ‘overlaying’ and his wide range of musical genres when playing has been influenced by working with house legend Tony Humphries. Sonically Jacko represents the future of dance music, where a DJ plays a wide variety of genres and creates a mood that flows from House, Deep-House and Afro-House into Hip-Hop and Trap meeting all the needs of club goers of different ages and nationalities.

Jacko has developed these skills after moving to New York in 2003. Where he closely worked with Tony Humphries and established the Tony Records label. He opened for and supported Humphries over the next decade, playing in venues such as Djoon Club (Paris), Cavo Paradiso in (Mykonos), Discotheque (New York), DC10 (Ibiza), Nu Echoes (Riccione) and other venues in Portugal, Germany and the UK. He has also toured solo playing at Canvas (Amsterdam), Urban Klub (Treviso), Room26 (Rome), Goa (Rome), Sotto Vento (Porto Cervo), Jumeirah Beach (Dubai), Pacha (London), The Cross (London), Standard Rooftop Hotel (Los Angeles) and earlier this year at Contact in Tokyo.

Jacko’s biggest single was the Traxsource #1 hit and Suncebeat banger ‘Closer’ with American singer Chelsea Como, played and supported by heavyweight DJ’s all over the world like: Tony Humphries, Louie Vega, Anane Vega and DJ Spen. ‘Closer’ has also been featured on many radio stations all over the world like, WBLS (New York), and Rinse FM (UK) and is currently played a lot in the house club circuit in New York and London. After the success of his DJ sets in Amsterdam during ADE 2016, he released his last single titled ‘Paradise’ in March 2017, which has been played on Defected Radio by Simon Dunmore. Jacko’s most recent single with Chelsea Como is titled ‘TTYD’ and the duo scored again the Traxsource #1 for most part of the summer.

Jacko also collaborates with British DJ/Producer Redsoul under the name of ‘Cognac’. The pair have released exclusive killer club re-edits, all of which have been played extensively during the Kings of House NYC parties, and enjoyed by party people and audiences all over the world.


  • DJ Jacko, Chelsea Como – TTYD TR Records ITA 2018
  • DJ Jacko, Chelsea Como – Paradise Tony Records US 2017

  • DJ Jacko, Chelsea Como – Closer (Remix Package) (Incl. David Anthony and DJ Spen, Mark Lewis & Adam Rios Remixes) Tony Records US 2016

  • Two 4 Soul, Nontu Xulu – God Lives In Me Produced and mixed by Two 4 Soul aka DJ Jacko & Peppe Citarella. Tony Records US 2015
  • DJ Jacko, Chelsea Como – Closer Tony Records US 2015

  • Soulful Session, Chelsea Como – Back & Forth (Two 4 Soul aka DJ Jacko & Peppe Citarella Remix) Tony Records US 2015

  • Two 4 Soul, Chelsea Como – I Want You (Single) Produced and mixed by Two 4 Soul aka DJ Jacko & Peppe Citarella. Tony Records US 2014
  • Soulful Session, Leanne – Mr. Weather Man (Two 4 Soul aka DJ Jacko & Peppe Citarella Remix) Tony Records US 2013

  • Giulio Bonaccio, David Walker, Melonie Daniels – Stairways Of Love (Two 4 Soul aka DJ Jacko & Peppe Citarella Remixes) Tony Records US 2012

  • The ‘Kept It To Ourselves’ Mixes – Yellorange History (Selected & Mixed by DJ Jacko) – Yellorange US 2011

  • Kerri Chandler & Christopher Mccray – Heaven (Incl. Phil Asher & Tony Loreto & Jacko Mixes)

Madhouse Records US 2011

  • Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut feat. Jamie Principle – I’ll Take You There (Remixes) (Tony Loreto & Jacko ‘Italian Foundation’ Remix) Nocturnal Groove Digital UK 2011

  • Ronnie Canada – Strung Out (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJinc Remix) Soulheat Records UK 2011

  • UPZ aka Avi Elman feat. Rick Coffey – Hangin’ On A Dream (Incl. Conan Liquid, Italian Foundation Mixes) Tony Records US 2010

  • Jersey Maestros feat. Renee Smith – Shine On (Master Kev, Tony Loreto & Jacko Mixes) Code Red US 2010

  • Sandy Spady – Million to One (Tony Loreto & Jacko Italian Foundation Rmx) daddy funk UK 2010

  • All I’m Asking For (Remixes) – Yass Presents Jay & Tahira (Produced by Kerri Chandler) – Grei Matter US (2009)

  • Nu House CD Compilation feat. TJ Inc Productions – DJ Jacko Presents – Key Note Multimedia , Italy (2009)

  • Mustafa feat. Natalia – Circles 2009 (The Remixes) (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Mixes) Tony Records US 2009

  • All Things To All Men (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Remix) – D:Ream – Indie UK (2009)

  • Carefree (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Mixes) – Su Su Bobien – Soundmen On Wax US (2009)

  • Real Man (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Mixes) – Byron Stingily – Stingily Music US (2009)

  • Hate To Say (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Remix) – Daddy Funk 45 – Daddy Funk 45 UK (2009)

  • Be Free (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Remix) – Antoinette Roberson – KNM Key Note Multimedia, Italy (2009)

  • First Blue House (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Remix) – 3345 Music – 3345 Music US (Forthcoming 2009)

  • Spotlight/Magic (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Remix) – Jennifer Hudson/Robin Thicke – Fallout Records US (Forthcoming 2009)

  • Isolator (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Remix) – Spellband – Tee Traxx (Tony Records) US (Forthcoming 2009)

  • Free To Be Free (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Mixes) – The Blak Beat Niks – Tony Records US 2008

  • Fade Away/Joy (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Remix) – Mary J Blige / Ledisi – Fallout Records US 2008

  • Dirty Girl (TJ Inc Remix) – EL – Stingily Music US 2008

  • Revival (TJ Inc Remixes) – Byron Stingily feat. Carla Prather & EL – Stingily Music US 2008

  • Trouble In Paradise (TJ Inc Remix) – Liquid People Pres. Danism feat. Sean Williams – Tony Records US 2008
  • The Spirit EP – Jacko Presents Tony Loreto – Tony Records US 2008

  • Masterclass #02 – Tony Humphries – MN2S Records UK (Exclusive Edits, Appears with My Brazil (Haldo vs Jacko Remix) on disc 02 2006

  • Southport Weekender – Tony Humphries – SuSu Concept Music UK 2005 (Jacko Exclusive Edits for the album)

  • My Brazil – Haldo – Tony Records 2006 (Haldo vs Jacko Remix)

  • Let The Music – Brent Laurence feat. Emily McIntosh – Tony Records 2006 (Spellband vs Jacko Remix)

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