Body Heat is a multifaceted, funk-fuelled music project, based in Milano and developed all around the world.
Originally started by Rocoe as a mere discographic label, it has developed further as an all-round platform for all those who believe in funk-fuelled dance music and currently consists in three sides: the label, a club night and a collective of artists, musicians and producers united under the ‘Body Heat Gang Band’ name.
The work of Body Heat aims at creating new music with an old touch. Keeping alive the 40 years old stream of Funk music, creating a new language, new images and sounds for the dancefloors of today and tomorrow.
Offering a funny-yet-conscious style of entratainment and, eventually, to build a strong bridge between live music and club land.

Body Heat party is making Milano go crazy since january 2016. It all started at the KTV – a chinese karaoke venue, weekly turned into a crazy club – where Rocoe started playing funk disco and house music, involving a wide number of musicians, singers, mc’s, dancers and, of course, party people.
Milano never experienced before an event with such a LIVE attitude and vibe, a regular club night made for those who like clubbing as well as live music. Now in its 3rd season, Body Heat party is unanimously recognized as one of the most significant clubnights of the city since its inception.
From the fancy Terrazza Martini just under the Duomo, to squats, to small, dark clubs or local community festivals and everything inbetween, Body Heat borught the party everywhere. All these different kinds of locations and parties has just a single thing in common: thanks to Rocoe and the Body Heat Gang Band, crowds have ALWAYS gone literally CRAZY!

Body Heat Gang Band is the name of the artists’ collective which gives life to performances; The band’s formation varies in number and composition, changing shape according to the event and performance at hand.
Dj is the only stable member and is always accompanied by some musicians and an mc or singer.
The small club show team is usually composed by three people, while the formation gets much bigger when performing the Body Heat Disco Show.

In december 2017, the Gang Band released it’s first album; the entirely self-produced, “Body Heat Disco” contains 10 tracks that outline the artistic direction of the collective, combining their various influences and offering a new, modern perspective on funk for the club.

Body Heat Disco Show is a two-hour long performance that incorporates djing and live music. Performed by a 15 peoples crew (dj, singers/mc’s, horns section, keys, guitar, percussions, bass, dancers), the show blends original tracks from Body Heat Disco, old classics’ covers, jamming/improvisation moments, choreographies and video projections. Something more then just a djset or a concert, it aims at bridging the two worlds of clubbing and live music with its peculiar sound: a whole lot of live jazz, funk and soul on top of 4/4 house beats.

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